The Whole World is Crazy…

Yes, I am convinced the whole world is crazy. I used to think that it was everyone but me, but now I know, I am crazy too.

You see I have always shopped at the local Walmart Supercenter. I have done so for so long that I thought I was perfectly normal. You see, I like shopping there, and the prices are lower than anyone in town and if I happen to remember that #3 needs socks while I am in the freezer section, I just leave the freezer section, go over two aisles, get the socks, and back to freezer section in a matter of seconds.

But lately our town has been all the buzz over the new Publix Store. My friends LOVE the Publix store to the point where hubbies are getting jealous of the Publix store. Well, I had to see what the big deal was, so I visited one Monday. Now frankly, I found them to be expensive (like 50% more) and they didn’t have all that big a selection. I needed meat. I shop every two weeks, so I needed lots of meat. So I got all the chicken wings they had; 2 packages. All the steak they had; two packages. All the hamburger they had; again two packages. That much meat will get me by 5 days. Never found the lunchables at all, so I still had to go to Walmart to get those.

Then I got up to pay. And that is when I realized I am crazy. You see at the superstore, I can check myself out. I bag my own groceries. Even when I have three buggies worth. But at Publix, there was a lady that took all my meat out of the buggy and put it on the conveyor belt. Another lady checked me out. Then a man took my food off the conveyor belt and put it into bags. Then he insisted that he take it to the car. Three people manhandled my food after I had picked it out. At the supercenter, I check out the food, I put it in bags, I take it to the car, and unless I insist otherwise, once I get home, I put it away. No one touches my food after I pick it out.

Now I realize that someone creates (or grows) my food. They package it and send it to a distributor, who then sends it to Walmart’s distribution center, who then sends it to my Walmart, where it is put into a warehouse until someone else puts it on the shelf. Like a person who will eat steak in a package at the store, but can’t stomach eating it from a packing plant, I can ignore those first few people touching my food. But once I select it, I don’t want anyone else touching it, but me. Call me crazy, that’s fine.

So I have to admit. I just don’t get what the excitement with Publix is. I’ve been three times. The store is bright and clean. But they are expensive and I have a hard time finding things, and they have a very small selection of items. I think I am a supercenter person. I find it convenient to be buying frozen goods while my car is getting the oil changed. I don’t mind the lack of personal service, because the prices are low and no one touches my food. In fact, the boy who shelves it usually just cuts the tops of the boxes and sets them on the shelf. He doesn’t really touch my food either.

And in the parking lot, I can always find a buggy to put my purse, or a baby if I happen to have one with me. Try finding a stray buggy in the Publix parking lot. It ain’t going to happen.

Now that doesn’t mean I won’t be shopping at the Publix. They do have good meat. I just wish they had a better selection and more of it so I didn’t have to go as often.

So there you have it, I am crazy. Please don’t touch my food until I serve you.



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