Worse Week…

I love that TV show. That poor guy has the most troubles. God I hope they never let him hold the baby once it comes. The birthing class episode where he throws up on the dog was hilarious.

But last week was my worse week. I had a migraine from Sunday to Sunday. #1 broke his glasses. #2 fell down the stairs (she went to school today.) Work was really stressful. I mean really stressful. I lost my paycheck and check book. And we couldn’t wrap it up and laugh at it in 30 minutes or less.

I wonder which of my ancestresses I got the migraines from? Has to be mom’s side. My great aunt had blacked out windows, her migraines were so bad. The scary thing is she died from a series of strokes, probably migraine related. Mom had her sick headaches when I was younger, but they were usually brought on by stress and low blood sugar. Mine have so many triggers, the list of triggers have a list of triggers.
So hopefully this week will be better. If anyone sees my check book, could you let me know. It’s driving me crazy as to where I left it, since I rarely write checks.


2 thoughts on “Worse Week…

  1. I can’t believe you functioned as well as you did with your migraine. I get them, too, thank goodness they’re just hormonal so they tend to be monthly. Isn’t it funny how much you learn when you think of the past? “Sick headaches” were probably migraines for as long as the words were used…we haven’t changed as much as we’d think, have we? Glad you’re feeling better. (Haven’t seen your checkbook, either…I’ll keep looking, though.)

  2. I did find the checkbook, but not the paycheck. Have hormonal migraines plus I am allergic to perfume and smoke, so this time of year is really hard with people burning leaves and the weather changing. I don’t remember much about last week at all. Yes, Mom won’t admit she’s ever had a migraine, just a sick headache.

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