WordPress issues and cemetery site

Well I made some good progress this afternoon on the cemetery bog. Got one index page looking the way I wanted it to. I am such a perfectionist. 🙂 Am working on getting the second one looking a little more consistent. I moved several cemeteries to blog format today. Wanted to get one more online tonight, but I am having some issues with WordPress and images not being put into the post. According to the forums, I am not the only one. So since there’s no sense in beating my head against the wall, I decided to call it a night. I wanted to get it online so I could work on a few smaller ones.

I only have one more index page to get on the blog site and then I can just move pages from the website to the blog. I worked for about an hour today and hit the wrong key and lost an hour’s worth of work. SIGH. That is so depressing. So far we have (well mostly Patsy has) moved 33 cemeteries to the new blog. There are lots more to be coming in the coming weeks, but that’s a good start. Can’t wait until the day I can say all the cemeteries are on the blog!

So that’s what I did today. Hope you had a good genealogy Saturday.


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