Got Cemeteries…

Well I have had a very productive day cemetery wise. Got 4 more cemeteries online today. One is a new cemetery
Hoover Cemetery

The others I moved over from the website to the blog.

Its cool outside today so neighbors are burning garbage. So that means I am staying inside with doors and windows locked. 😉

Tonight the kids are having a Valentines Banquet at church. Hubby is sick, so I will probably go by myself. He doesn’t eat chicken stew anyway. Though if he did, he’d probably feel better.

So now I am off for a brief nap before church. The kids are just hanging out. So they don’t need me. That’s a nice feeling every now and then. LOL

Hope you are having a good genealogy Sunday.


One thought on “Got Cemeteries…

  1. The Hoover Cemetery in Woodbury is now owned by Sam Hoover. He has worked hard to clean up the cemetery and it looks much better. It is easy to view and move around in now. I took more pictures today and will gladly share them with you. Just let me know. If you would like to contact Sam Hoover, I can provide contact information.


    Matt Burke

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