Monday Moanings…

Came home to a smoky house. The kids were complaining of burning eyes and headaches. I’d love to get my hands on the people around here who burn leaves every time we have a pretty spring day. You can’t go outside because of all the smoke.

So today I have a sore throat. Hubby has been sick, so I think it’s my turn. The smoky smell has dissipated. I turned on two of our air filters and sprayed some Odor Nix. Today I am going to do some caulking that I have been begging hubby to do for three years. Maybe that will help. I can’t get motivated this morning because there is so much on my plate today. I need to start the washer, which would help tremendously towards getting the house back in order. Hopefully the eye doctor will call about #1’s glasses. He’s been without them for a week now.
#2 drove to school today. She has to stay after to make up tests. Probably will all week long.

I need to run some errands today, so I think I’ll get the washer going, and call the eye doctor and then head out to do errands. Then when I get home, I can work on cleaning a room and caulking the windows.

I’d really like to nap the day away, but that would put me behind all week and the stress just isn’t worth the nap. I will let myself take a brief nap this afternoon if the urge is still there. I think it’s because it’s cool in the house this morning.
The weather guy is calling for stormy weather on Wednesday, so maybe we will get a weather day. We get off more for rain around here than snow. I don’t want it to be bad, just bad enough to get out of school early. 😉

So as you can tell, I need to get up, get dressed, get some caffeine and make myself get going. Hope you are having a good genealogy Monday.


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