Tombstone Tuesday

A popular genealogy blog thread is tombstone Tuesday, but how does this blogger with a cemetery blog pick just one. HOw do I pick my favorite? With nearly 700 MB to choose from, how do you pick a couple KB to put online?


So I didn’t pick my favorite. I picked the one ancestor that I never got to meet. My grandfather, William Morgan. October 29,1899- June 1961.


One thought on “Tombstone Tuesday

  1. Isn’t it odd when you think of the people you missed out on meeting? I believe that both my grandfathers were alive when I was born, and there is a picture of one of them holding the infant me, but they died very early in my life (I think both died in ’64 or one died in ’64 and one in ’65) and I know I never met one of them. I always wonder about how life would have been with grandparents…hmmmm… Liked your pick…

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