Just nothing to say…

It’s been an okay week. Haven’t done much other than work. Have had a friend’s granddaughter after school each day, and have used that as an excuse to read my book and rest. (She’s 11 so it’s not like I am really watching her all that much.)
We’ve been fighting spring sinus infections and I haven’t had much get up and go in the evenings. Haven’t done any genealogy all week. This next week will be busy as well.
Kids had Valentines parties planned, but then #1’s girl friend had to go out of town. #2 isn’t speaking to me because Hubby and I went out tonight and we wouldn’t let her go with her friends.

Monday is a school holiday so that means I won’t get much done around the house. So next week will be busy trying to play catchup each night. Made the kids do some picking up tonight while we were gone. Considered it their V-Day gift to mom.

Hopefully once the sinus moves on, I will feel like doing a little genealogy this weekend. It’s supposed to be pretty, so I know it will be smokey outside, so no sense in planning outside activities.

So it’s been one of those boring weeks where families are doing the boring things families do; homework, dishes, laundry, baths, homework again.


One thought on “Just nothing to say…

  1. Thanks for the thought post on my blog today. Kate is really struggling with this and your answer helped reinforce what I’ve been telling her.

    As for nothing to write about, I often think “how is it I’m so busy, but when people ask me what I’ve been up to, I really don’t have much to say”. I think it is just the extraordinary-ness of the ordinary… It is my life and I would change it. (sorry to hear #2 is punishing you…my #2 is going to be doing the same soon…Superman and I decided no more money may be spent on Webkinz, even if it is “your” money…that isn’t going to go well…such is life!

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