This man hates me…

Well, here is what we know:

William Blaylock was living in the household of Charles Blaylock in Wilson County, TN in 1850.

William Blaylock was head of household in Wilson County, TN with his wife Mary J in 1860.

Their daughter Martha was born in 1853.

So I searched the marriage records of Wilson County, TN and found…

James D. Blalock, married Mary Jane Tatum in Wilson County, TN on October 9, 1851.

Who the heck is James D. Blalock? Why is William Blaylock torturing me? Why can’t he marry, leave wills, deeds, and the occasional Bible Record laying around like every other ancestor on the face of the earth? Why are the only records I can find of him is one arrest in 1870 in a county that I can’t find him enumerated in during the same year?

I’m not even sure I share this man’s DNA. We certainly have little in common. Despite an uncommon last name, for 44 years I have consistently spelled it the same way. His is speled differently every time I find it. (That is when I find it.)
So now while I follow on my theory that they married in another county, I also have to follow the theory that he had as many illegitimate names as illegitimate children. And I have to figure out who the heck James D. Blalock was.


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