The Whiskey…

Hubby and I don’t drink. We both have family members who were alcoholics and just decided drinking wasn’t for us. But we have both been sick for the last few weeks. It started as sinus. So we took a decongestant. Then that led to a sore throat and cough. So we started on the “whiskey”.

The “whiskey” is Dollar General Store brand NyQuil. It is cherry flavored. Imagine the most God awful tasting cherry you can imagine and this taste worse. It heats up your throat and stomach as it goes down. It does not go down smooth. But it does make the sore throat and cough go away.

It also takes with it all cares in the world. In fact, I haven’t had a care in the world for a week now. The first night it took ten minutes to take the two tablespoon dose and half a two liter of coke. I made a horrible face at each sip. The third night, I drank it down in two gulps and sipped a little iced tea. By the fifth night, I was chuga lugging it straight from the bottle. Licked my lips and waited for the sweet oblivion known as REM sleep to begin.

So now Hubby is weening me off the “whiskey”. He says I can have some if my throat is red, if I am coughing, or if I can show him a fever. He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. I’ve been sucking on red hots, I’ve perfected a raspy cough and I am on my third thermometer (they keep breaking on my space heater), but I am going to show him I am sick.

No seriously, no one could get addicted to this stuff. The first night it did take me ten minutes and half a two liter to get it down. The second night I tried to bribe one of the kids to take it for me. The third night I told Hubby to just wait until I was asleep and pour it down my sore throat. I keep trying to convince him I am well. He’s not buying it.

The “whiskey” is that type of medicine my mother used when I was little to get you well. It didn’t have any real healing powers, it just tasted or burned so bad you got well, so you didn’t have to endure it again. Remember Mercurochrome? It turned your skin orange, burned like the dickens and frankly did nothing for a sore. Mom would get out her old brown bottle (that was probably expired) and you’d begin to heal just on sight. Remember peroxide? If you didn’t have a clean cut, mom used peroxide. The more it bubble, the better it was healing. This stuff will eat up ear rings if you let it sit long enough, and here mom was pouring it in my open sores.

What ever happened to the grape cough medicine you got when you were little? If you were sick, the doctor gave you two medicines, one pink (amoxicillin), the other purple (grape cough syrup). They were yummy together, although you always took the pink first. Now medicine has to taste like Cherries. Now I love cherries. I eat them fresh, frozen or candied. No cherry I have ever eaten has tasted like the “whiskey” cherry. In fact, though I have never drank any, and don’t suggest that you do, I am pretty sure the “whiskey” cherry tastes a great deal like kerosene. When mom was little, kerosene was used to remove lice. Again, I don’t recommend it. (It’s dangerous and there are more effective methods.)

Hubby and I are doing better. Now #2 has it. She’s been getting the “whiskey” before bed each night. I remind Hubby that my grandfather would have given his kids whiskey when they were sick. Hubby reminds me that I come from a family that can’t handle their drink.

Medicines have sure changed a lot. Will doctors someday find that cherry flavoring in couch syrup isn’t safe the way they did kerosene for lice, Mercurochrome for cuts, or Red Dye for Kool-aid?


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