MTSU Time…

Back in the early 80s, mom had an extra ten grand to spend and a teenage daughter and thought the two would go nicely together at Middle Tennessee State University. (She was wrong).

But I digress. On your registration packet was a date and time to register. Now this time had nothing to do with real time. It had to do with MTSU time. You’d come to register and there’d be a big clock on the wall outside the gym with a time on it. Let’s say you had registration at 11:00. You’d come to the gym around 10:45 am, hoping to be the first to register at 11:00. The big clock would say 8:30. So you’d come back at 11:45. The big clock would say 9:00. YOu’d come back at 12:30. The big clock would say 2:00 (not really time did not move that quickly in Murphy Center).

When the big clock finally said 11:00 am, you could register for your classes and were encouraged to hurry, because there were people waiting on you (and in the real world it was now 8 pm and the people working registration wanted to go home.)

Now when I have a lot of things to do on Mondays (my cleaning day), I go on MTSU time. Mondays become Sundays, Tuesdays become Mondays… until I get caught up usually around Wednesday afternoon.

Didn’t learn much in college, but I did learn that if you are stressed because of the time on a clock, change the clock. You aren’t behind, the clock is just ahead. Change the clock to match the time you are on, and you have all the time in the world to finish the project. Ironically this works wonders for me. Once I no longer feel behind, I no longer feel overwhelmed and I can often finish everything I need to finish in a very short time.

This is a great strategy for Monday holidays. Since I clean on Mondays, and the kids are home on holiday, I don’t typically get a lot done, so that means I have to play catch up on Tuesdays. Go on MTSU time and it’s now Monday and I have all day… And the weekend starts on Thursday night. 😉


2 thoughts on “MTSU Time…

  1. Oh, that is funny! It is similar to what we call “Costin” time at our house. When I still worked out of the home, I worked for a woman whose surname was Costin. I was often working really, really long hours and I’d call home to Superman and say, “I’ve got about another half hour, but that is in Costin time, so I’m thinking an hour and a half or two hours.” Costin time had no connection to time as any of us knew it and it always, always took longer than she’d promise at the beginning: “Oh, Erin, would mind staying about a half hour late? It will be quick, I promise!” Um, yeah, right, sure…in the 10 years I worked for her, it never changed…Costin time was not connected to real time.

  2. Yup, that’s how MTSU time worked. But it does help me to not get stressed. Tonight we did Tuesday’s chores and then I did some laundry from Saturday that didn’t get done because Hubby and I ran errands all day. We’ve been sharing a cold lately and I haven’t been on my best game, but ready to get back in the saddle.

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