Why Genealogy with an Internet connection can be so…

Productive: Had a problem understanding how a life estate worked. Sent an email to Advanced-Research-L@rootsweb.com and within 24 hours had my answer and a lot of good future research advice from people who know what they are doing.

Unproductive: Spent 4 hours reading the ABC Bachelor blog. It was like playing slots in Vegas. You can’t look away (don’t go there if you just want to watch the show and enjoy it as it unfurls). I feel like I am back in Jr. High, this time without the acne, I have a boyfriend, and it’s the two cute girls fighting over the football player that are miserable.

I did learn something new about Dower Rights in TN during the 1800s and got my answer to the genealogy question that I was looking for working on cleaning this ancestor up for future Saturday Stories postings. That’s going to be a new blog theme for me. Most (I’d say each, but I know me) Saturdays, I will post one ancestor in a fully researched, fully cleaned up format. The reason for this it to actually present some real genealogy, to help me actually do the clean up I claim I am going to do and to help me stay focused on one ancestor long enough to present a full, understandable, sourced narrative of his/her life.

So yes, if I am home from Jury duty, I plan on watching the Women Tell All tomorrow night. I also plan on working on cleaning up this ancestors narrative and ordering the two films I need to finish up his narrative. If there’s time, I am going to hit the grocery store. And I plan on being thankful I am the only woman Hubby is thinking about when he looks at me, and I hope he knows he’s the only man I think about when I look at him. We may be old, overweight, a little balding (him), a little grouchy (me), but I don’t have to worry about who the roses are for here at Hotel Yellow. They are for the girls, I hate roses…


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