Life Back to Normal…

I am back to work and normality. I just want to spend the rest of this week doing the things that are normally so boring. Cleaning house, cleaning up my genealogy database, laundry, teaching my four year olds to color in the lines. Anything that doesn’t involve sitting.

I am blessed to have a pretty normal boring life. God has blessed me with a hubby that isn’t into drama. We usually eat supper, I work on genealogy, he watches movies in black and white. Even our kids are low keyed. Today I realized how lucky I am that my husband prefers home life with me and the kiddos. I have been blessed with goodness and mercy in my life.

Looking ahead to spring. I am going to be so busy. Vacation Bible School at our church is just getting started. We have less than 4 months before the big event to prepare. It’s always so much fun and as director, I think I enjoy it as much as the kids do. This year’s theme is Australia, a place I would love to visit, so I am doubly excited. If anyone wants to share some of their trip, or if they live there, pictures with me to use as decorations, I would be much obliged. We’re apparently going on a train trip. Now I have traveled by train, and it wasn’t fun at all, so I am having a little trouble getting on board, so to speak about that part of the week.

I only have eleven more weeks of preschool to go. That sounds like such a long time, but I know how quickly time flies and it will be summer vacation before I know it.

The biggest thing we have planned is my FIL’s 80th birthday. I haven’t a clue as to what to get him for his birthday. We are planning a big family trip, but I still want something for him to unwrap. It’s so hard to believe he is 80. When Hubby and I started dating, my FIL seemed so young, but he was already in his 50s. He’s never seemed as old as he is. To me, he hasn’t aged a day in 25 years. Since I lost my own father, he’s been even more of a father figure to me and I am thrilled that at 80 he still seems so young.

This year would also have been my parents 50th anniversary. My dad has been dead for 7 years, so mom doesn’t want to celebrate, but if you are reading this and know mom, be sure and tell her congrats on March 30th.


One thought on “Life Back to Normal…

  1. Wow! 80th birthday…that’s neat. My birth father will be 76 this year, but since I didn’t grow up with him, I don’t see him as a father-figure, but rather, an old man I know.

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