It Snowed!


I know, where you live, this might not be that big a deal, but where we live, this is the most snow #3 (age 11) has ever seen. It looked to be about an inch.

So we stayed home from church to let the kids play in God’s cathedral and we enjoyed snuggling in bed watching from the window. I figure God only sends snow around here once a year or so and it’s okay to just enjoy it. It was gone by 11am.

The weird thing is it was in the 60s on Friday and is supposed to be that warm this week as well. Just one freak snowstorm of the year.

The girls made snow angels (though I am sure when I see the laundry it’s going to look like mud angels, and the cat and dog got to go outside and get their paws wet. The general consensus was that it was cold and wet and they’d like to go back inside thank you very much!

So we got to enjoy a snow morning. Probably the last of the year.

Then we had new year’s crab, because today would be new year’s day old style. (Okay, any excuse would have been good enough.)

So happy new year if you still live in the 18th century! Hope you enjoyed your snow if you got some and hope you have a great genealogy day.


One thought on “It Snowed!

  1. Isn’t it just the prettiest thing ever? I’m glad you were able to enjoy!

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