Making My Home Sing


Over at Mom’s the Word, she is starting a new meme called Making the Home Sing Monday. I have thought about what I could do. Mondays, as you can see from my left hand widget are my cleaning days. Lately I have also had to do errands and doctors visits on Mondays, and so it’s been hard to get it all in. So for today, I am going to mop my kitchen floor. It’s not a huge step, but one that I have been putting off. Last week, I took two rooms a day and did some spring cleaning. That really helped me get the house cleaned easier today. I didn’t do sheets yesterday, so I had to do those today.

Maybe next Monday I will come up with something clever to do, but for today, I am going to mop and put down the rugs I took up and washed nearly a month ago. And that my dears will make my heart sing if not my hearth!


3 thoughts on “Making My Home Sing

  1. I love how you have verses on the side and tied into your chores. I love that! You split your chores out just like I do.

    I think it’s great that you are mopping your floor today. Honestly, I need to do mine too. Even though I was supposed to do it Friday it didn’t get done, so good for you for doing it! Thank you for joining us today. Good to have you!

  2. I got it done. Waiting on Hubby or #1 to get home to help me get the rug under the table. It’s just too heavy to lift myself and then get the rugs straight.

    May have to change my chore list up a little next year, if I change off days, but this schedule as worked for me for 23 years, so I am sticking to it.

    Got the house all done and the last load of laundry washing, so when #3 gets home from gymnastics, I am going to start on her laundry while I watch TV tonight. I’d love to be a full day ahead for once. LOL

  3. I am so glad we don’t do gymnastics on Monday…it would completely throw me off. So, you don’t think you’ll get Monday off next year? Bummer!

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