Monday Musings…

An almost whole Monday to myself. No Dr. appts, no dentist appts (well, almost), no where to go or be but carpool!

I had a dentist appointment, but the dentist got snowed in NC. They rescheduled, but I had forgotten to get my premeds ordered so I couldn’t come today. So I have an entire Monday to get my house cleaned, and piddle, my favorite thing to do around the house. I am not on anyone’s schedule but mine.

I worked on my next Saturday story ancestor this weekend and need to order some microfilms today. I also need to check the deed books and see if he had any deeds. It’s been an interesting researching week working on him. I had to learn about Widow’s Dowers, and how they work and I have been looking for his children in the later census, to not such good luck.

We enjoyed the snow for what little time it lasted yesterday. It’s really cold out today, but is supposed to be in the mid sixties the rest of the week. My poor flowers and trees have no clue what they are supposed to be doing. Is it winter, or spring?

So today I am listening to the washer return our clothes from smelly to spring time fresh and working on the dust bunnies. If you are bored, stop by and you can help mop. LOL

HOpe you have a great genealogy day.


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