Ten Whole Glorious Days….

We are off for spring break! Yes, I have ten whole glorious days to do absolutely nothing! Came home tonight and fell asleep reading my latest book The Red Tent. This book is rather odd and I am not sure I want to admit online that I am reading it. It’s about the life of Dinah, daughter of Jacob and Leah from the Bible, but this story is not one you’d read in the Bible. Believe me, this is not the stuff they told us about in Sunday School. I remember my mom reading it years ago and saying it was interesting. Yet, when she passed her books on to me, this one wasn’t in the stack. Now I understand why. Girls, it is not a story you would pass down to your daughters. But I have found it interesting and am almost done. I usually have several books going at once. One for carpool, one for bedtime and in the summer, one by the pool, so I haven’t finished my other book about Agnes Lee yet either.

For those who thought I’d passed into the great unknown, I have to say I am feeling much better. I have taken it fairly easy all week, and so have the family and we’ve seriously been in bed by 7 pm every night this week. I am the only one up now and it’s only 7:30. It’s cold and rainy tonight, so I am sitting here with my heating afghan (best $30 I ever spent on me) wrapped around my legs and enjoying reading some blogs. Tomorrow we are going to do some major house work, so that we can all enjoy our week off. The kids just want to rest and sleep and so do I. We will probably do some day trips and there’s our trip to celebrate G-D’s 80th Birthday! He seems so young to me.

Hubby has been transferring our old home movies (we have 8 tapes of #1’s first 4 weeks of life) onto DVD. It is May and #1 is about 5 months old and we are at my parent’s and I am sitting there watching, thinking about how they were the perfect age to be grandparents. So I did a little math, and realized that my mother turned 50 that year! That’s not that much older than I am now! Oh my gosh, I feel so young and there she was a new grandmother. Of course, she’ll tell you that she felt young then too I am sure.
And in a few years when I am 50, I will be ready for that first grand child too. Maybe…

So what am I going to do this week? Well, rest. Genealogy. A little spring cleaning. And I have to decide what days I want to work next year.

Have you seen those billboards that say, “Have you been to church lately? -God” Well, I wish I could find one that said, “T, I want you to do _________. -God” Life would be so much easier. He could change it out on a monthly or weekly basis. It could be on the side of the road on my way to work or the carpool line. I’d be in my PJs, driving the kids to school and there’d be my God chore list for the day on the side of the road. If I didn’t do it all, friends and family could remind me. I know I was in His will, even if all I was doing was laundry. I’d never question should I teach this class, or head up that committee at church. Hubby couldn’t complain that I was too busy with church work, because I could say, see it’s on the billboard. 🙂

Of course, I doubt The Red Tent would have been on the list, but how was I supposed to know that when I bought it? Yup, I really need a billboard.


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