The Trip of a Lifetime…

In this month’s issue of EC Magazine was a survey of things teenagers don’t want to do on spring break. Personally they are a check list of perfect family trips for the genealogist.
Family Reunion
Trip to Grandma’s rural home town
Cemeteries while mom builds family tree

just to name a few. It’s true, when I was 15 my parents were in LOVE with old log cabins. We’d be driving down the road, me asleep in the back window (my brother would not let me touch the seat, so I took to riding in the back window. Luckily windows in those days were huge, I was tiny, and seat belt laws hadn’t been created), and suddenly dad would slam on the brakes, and we’d find ourselves traipsing (you always traipse when you are going to a log cabin in the woods) two or three miles in the forest, pushing my brother in his hog chair. A hog chair was basically a metal chair that leaned back on two wheels. It was an early wheel chair. Don’t ask me why it was called a hog chair, I have no idea.

So there I’d be, in a good doze, dreaming about the main characters from the romance novel I was reading and suddenly I am walking along, complaining at the top of my lungs about having to visit yet another log cabin. Dad sure knew how to ruin a family vacation.

Now I am the parent and the kids are on spring break. Although all those things sound gloriously fun to me, I did ask the kids what they wanted to do. #1 said simply sleep. He is my kid. His favorite past time is sleeping. He loves to sleep. #2 said hang with my friends. She’s the social butterfly. She doesn’t care what we are doing if her friends are there. #3 said play with my computer. Which means watch goofy movies on Youtube and seeing what her webkins are up to. They are easy to please. Simply avoid any place with a historical marker and don’t wake them till noon.

So I am taking advantage of it by letting them sleep and hang, and I am working on my genealogy all week, with no guilt. Granted I won’t be going to any battlefields, but I can visit them online. I won’t be visiting any cemeteries, but maybe I can put a few more online. They will have to manage a family reunion later in the week. But they will survive. I heard there was a big screen TV and a Wii in the condo. Poor children, they will have to actually sit with their cousins and watch tons and tons of TV, probably on cable.

If only we hadn’t lived on the family farm, maybe dad would have let me visit my cousins over spring break instead of log cabins. This year, I think I will read a romance novel or two and sleep in the car for old times sake.


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