Home Sing Monday…


Did you know it was Monday already?

Here’s what we are doing this week to make our home sing.

Hubby and I refinanced the house this morning, so we are now going to enjoy a lower interest rate, fewer payments, no PMI and college money in the bank. (at least the crappy economy was good for something)

Kids and I got new car tags and I actually like the new design.

Girls took pictures of clothes, so if we get audited, we have proof we had clothes to give to charity. Should I also take picture of me at Goodwill? So now those 4 bags are ready to move out of my Living Room!

Got eye doctor’s appointments set up for me and the kids. Since I am sporting a pair of geek glasses, you know the kind with tape holding them together, it was time.

And I am cleaning house on my genealogy files after seeing some weird stuff in the program. Hoping that fixes it and it’s not a new bug.

So that’s it. I am going to wait closer to the end of the week to do Monday chores, because it will be sometime next week when the appraiser comes and I really want things to look extra special nice. Even better than family clean. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Home Sing Monday…

  1. Congrats on your home refi! How awesome to be able to lower your rate and have few payments. Cool!

    I have bags of things for Goodwill in my living room too! Isn’t that funny!

    You accidentally forgot to link back to my blog, that way your readers can also enjoy the other posts as well, so I would love it if you would do that.

    Also, when I followed your link here it brought me to your post from last week, instead of today’s new post. I am assuming you didn’t mean to do that so I will delete your old link and put a new link to this page. O.k.?

  2. Mon,

    If you click on the image it takes you to your page. DO I need a link as well. This is all new.
    I can’t post a comment on your blog because I don’t have a blogger account. Yes, feel free to fix the link. I’m not sure why it didn’t take you to the right post, but I suspect it has something to do with the link I have in the image, so I will check that.

  3. I didn’t realize that they could click on the image. Sorry. It’s fine. Some people post a button without a link (that’s what I used to do until I learned how to do it different). I went ahead and fixed the link.

    I know, I never had a wordpress account until I got one so I could post a comment to you. I have to write it down somewhere so I won’t forget my password!

  4. Thanks, yes now they are working both ways! Yes, going to love the lower interest rate, fewer payments, but the best is knowing that we don’t have to stress about college as much!

  5. Fewer payments? Shorter term? Wow! Good for you…we have PMI for the first time ever, but it will be gone in a few years…our interest rate is so good and the market has gone down for now, so it is not worth refinancing. That is so great for you…college is worth it!

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