I loved being a ‘tweener…

Not many people even know what a ‘tweener is. They’ve heard of baby boomers. Children born between 1946-1964.(Some sources say 1960. ) And they have heard of Gen X. (The starting age of children in the Gen X group depends on your source). But between the two were a lost generation, called the ‘tweeners, because we are between the boomers and the Gen Xers. I loved being a ‘tweener because few people were, and even fewer had hear the term. According to Tweeners.org, we were born between 1960 and 1965.

At any rate, on March 8, I became the generation we all dread. The Sandwich generation. Defined as nearly grown teenagers on one side, elderly parents on the other, you stuck in the middle. And it really, really sucks.

Mom is planning on selling her house. 50 years of stuff. And we want to list the house as soon as yesterday and she lives 2 hours from where I do. And did I mention Mom is not a patient person? So we are cleaning and painting and traveling and praying and stressing.

Funny thing is, I used to think having mom live close by would be the stressful part. Now I know it’s the process of getting her here that is. And the process of me now being a real adult. Not only am I mom to three kids, but now I am mom to a little ole’ lady who still has a pretty good mind, and lots of spunk and more energy than I do. I can’t ground her. I can’t send her to her room. In fact, some days I swear she’s not listening at all.

So for those of you who wonder why I never seem to get genealogy done, or a new cemetery page up, now you know. I am no longer a ‘tweener, I am a sandwich. And somehow I don’t think it’s PB&J, which is young and fun, but rather it’s liver, which I hate.

Good news is, they missed me at work yesterday while I worked on mom’s stuff. And they prayed for me. Today they laid hands on me and prayed for me. When the kids had chapel, I could feel God literally in the room, telling me that even though I am at work, I am still in His sanctuary, and He’s still there waiting to comfort me. Gosh, it’s nice to work at a church. LOL And I swear all my kids at school have grown 6 inches in the last week! What happened to all the babies I had in September?


One thought on “I loved being a ‘tweener…

  1. I’ve been told so many times that my birth year of 1963 makes me a boomer, but my mom is a boomer–born in 1944…she’s lived the quintessential boomer life and I didn’t. Now I know I’m a tweener! I’m not the sandwich generation yet, thank goodness…but my dad and his wife are moving to our region of the country and he’ll be the one I’m caring for when the time comes. Thanks for clearing it all up for me…I’m a tweener, too!

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