It’s pretty today!

The forecast was for rain, rain and more rain. It was nice here. I am hoping it was at Mom’s today too, because they were supposed to clean out one of the garages today if it was pretty. But the important thing is hopefully I will be able to get in my two miles today. We haven’t walked since Saturday at the mountains and I am getting sore from lack of exercise. And today I sat all day at work. Not my normal preschool day.

Hubby fixed the drier and it is now running and so tonight I have nothing to do. It’s #1s laundry night and he will do his own, so I can watch TV and rest. Tomorrow will be another busy busy day.

The puppy has been sleeping outside lately, because the weather has been so nice and he woke me up at 4 this morning. It was pouring down and he wasn’t having none of that sleeping outside stuff. So I let him in and he slept till 7:20. Good dog. He desperately needs a haircut, but I am waiting for the weather to get warm and stay that way for a while. I don’t want to shave him and then have the temps drop below freezing in the day time again. He can barely see out from all that fur though, so it makes chasing rabbits, squirrels and baseballs hard.

So it’s been a restful day. I have time for a short nap before the second shift starts up. Have a great genealogy day.


3 thoughts on “It’s pretty today!

  1. I am glad it was. Mom got so much done on her house today. She’s really trying so hard to get everything sold and out so she can move. The weather this time of year here is so unpredictable and we need lots of warm dry weather this month to get the house ready to list.

    Supposed to be stormy tomorrow, so I told her to concentrate on inside stuff and we’d worry about outside stuff when the weather cooperated more. Time just seems to fly by so fast.

  2. A few days of sun has made all the difference in my disposition…I think I needed it. Hope you and your mom have made tons of progress…

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