Is it Friday Already?

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday! This week has flown by. I got a lot done this week. Tux ordered for prom. He’s going to look so grownup. They are sharing a limo with friends, so that’s taken care of plus I don’t have to worry about him driving on prom night. Still need to order a corsage, but the boy can take care of that.

Mom’s tests all looked good! Praise God. Her house is looking so nice and roomy with all the yard sale stuff moved out. It’s amazing how once you get started decluttering and painting, houses look so big. She’s so excited and her enthusiasm is wearing off on me I think.

Next week, I have to take on graduation to dos. Order hotel rooms, decide on menus. Soon I will be addressing invitations and getting those in the mail. This week has flown, but so has Senior year. Soon he’ll be moving into the dorm and my nest will start to empty.

I am thankful for all the prayers I have gotten this week. God blessed us so much with Mom’s health being good. Now that I don’t have to worry about her health, I can just focus on my to do list. I am good at to do lists. šŸ™‚ Soon she’ll be moving closer to us and we’ll be able to spend more time together. Who knows, maybe being a sandwich generation isn’t as bad as I first thought.


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