What a Gorgeous week…

God has been so good with the weather, that I haven’t gotten much done either around the house, or genealogy wise. I got a huge cemetery last night via email and I am working on getting it blogged. I found a sister of an uncle by marriage in the obits and I have found time to read my email but that’s about it genealogy wise. It’s just too pretty to sit in front of the computer, so if you are wondering where I have been, just know that it’s 69 degrees here, light breeze, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

I am excited about the cemetery, because I have some distant cousins buried there, so not only am I excited about a new partnership with a new photographer, and the new blog, but also will have some new burials for my own genealogy! I hope to finish the blog later tonight after the sun goes down so I can get it online. It’s a big cemetery, with modern burials.

For those wondering, mom’s house is looking pretty. We have a little more painting to get done, and some yard stuff, but we are on schedule to get it on the market, and she’s getting excited. So my stress level is come way down now that I can see how pretty its going to look. All her trees and flowers are in bloom, and that’s helping my mood as well. I love springtime.

Got the corsage for prom ordered and just waiting for the big night. Still have to decide on a hotel for my out of town guests to use for graduation. Thinking of doing some subs for dinner, so everyone can eat at different times. I think that will be easiest on me, and fun for the family as well.

Having a blast at work this week, because all I am doing is hiding Easter Eggs and reading the Easter story to the kids. Easy peasy and it’s my favorite Bible story, so it’s easy to share with the kids all Jesus did for us. With the weather so nice, it’s fun to go outside and play and get some exercise. I imagine this is what Heaven must be like. Birds singing, squirrels jumping from tree to tree, sun shining, trees blooming. Can you tell I am in a good mood?

So I am looking forward to Easter. May even hide some of those eggs for my teenagers and see if they want to hunt them. Definitely ready to get back outside.


2 thoughts on “What a Gorgeous week…

  1. I am so glad the weather is cooperating in your part of the country, too. We’ve had three days in a row in the upper 60s/low 70s and my mood has been elevated as a result. I’ve been doing my blogs and night and scheduling them for the days, so that I’m free to focus on other things. The progress on your mom’s house is so exciting and I’m glad that everyone is cheerful heading into prom and graduation. What an exciting time…how much have you been crying? This time last year was when I realized that Charming was “done”…I know, not really, but it does change things…

  2. I really haven’t had a lot of time to focus on him leaving. Saving that for August. He’s definitely ready and only going 90 minutes away, so it’s not that bad.

    The weather is so nice and I am finding my mood is better too. Especially on those days we can go outside at school. It’s hard on the kids when it is cold and rainy.

    I have been reading about all that good food you are cooking. If I cooked like that, I wouldn’t be able to move. 🙂 Those cookies look so good!

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