What Is it About an Easter Egg Hunt?

Take 20 four year olds. Give them each a basket and tell them to pick up two hundred toys and you will be able to hear the moans two states away.

Take 20 four year olds. Give them each a basket and tell them to pick up two hundred brightly colored eggs and you will hear shouts of glee two states away.

What is it about those colored eggs? If we put the toys inside eggs, would they keep their rooms clean? Would they do it happily? There’s just something about an Easter Egg Hunt that brings out the kid in all of us. Maybe it’s the candy, because where there are colored eggs, there is always chocolate.

Now unlike most moms, I don’t have an issue with the Easter Bunny. My grandfather was a candy salesman. Christmas afternoon, granny would clean off the dining room table and out would come baskets, newspaper, and lots and lots of that colored, plastic Easter Grass and yes, lots of candy. From December to mid March or April, we’d make Easter Baskets for sale in stores. The week before, we kids would pick a basket, pick our own candy and leave it for the Easter Bunny to bring. And he always did.

In high school, I needed a part time job, and a friend was working at the mall, and he suggested that I help with the Easter Bunny booth. You know, take pictures, get kids on and off Easter Bunny’s lap, walk EB (as he’s known in the trade) to and from his dressing room during breaks. Cushy job for $3.35 an hour (minimum wage in those days). So for about a month, I was EB’s best friend. Took lots of pictures with him and of him that spring. He’s a fairly cool guy, good with the ladies. He loves chocolate, and has a fairly large family. (Don’t all rabbits?) It was fun, but when Christmas came around, I passed on the Elf job. Those girls work! And kids cry more at Christmas.

So here we are at another Easter. The kids are hunting eggs and dreaming of chocolate fields forever. I am thankful for my Savior who died on the cross for my sins (seems I have been committing quite a few lately) and that He loved me enough to do so. It’s a time of celebration!

So I hope you have a very happy Easter. May it be filled with good things and great joy.


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