Home Sing Monday


How am I making my home sing today? Well, I went to Walmart and got supplies. And now I am going to do a little cleaning, then taking #3 to gymnastics. Then I am going to hit the grocery for meats. Got to finally refill that empty freezer.

Then I am home again and I may even get a few loads of laundry done. I am so exhausted, that I would love to just stare at a wall and watch the world go by, but I have a lot to do and little time to get it done in this week, so it’s off to the races. I figure clean clothes, fresh food, and maybe even a mopped floor will make my home sing all day long.

And I promise my little bird that he’s going to get a clean cage today, no matter how tired my body may be. He’s been such a trooper lately and he deserves so much better. And besides he always sings, even when you sneeze.

Not time for much else, but be sure and see Mom’s the Word for ideas from others, who hopefully have more time and energy this week than I do.


6 thoughts on “Home Sing Monday

  1. A clean and tidy home is a gift we give our family. That is enough to make it sing…

    I have two parakeets…what kind of bird do you have?

  2. We had two parakeets, but they died. Now we just have a finch. He’s the most hyper bird you have ever met. He chirps about everything, so our favorite thing to do is fake sneeze so he will chirp. He never misses a turn.

    I am getting a lot done despite sleeping in till 11:00. I don’t feel good and the work at both houses is catching up with me. But we are so close so I just keep trudging on. My goal today since I didn’t get it done Easter is to do my Sunday chores. Then I will be technically a day behind the rest of the week. But that’s fine. The house isn’t really all that bad. Just needs a good dusting really and of course laundry.

    We do now have food again, the bird’s cage is all clean, fridge clean as is microwave and stove, Have been doing plants as I clean each room, and sheets are in the wash. It feels good to scratch things off my to do list.

  3. I forgot my password and had to go look it up, lol!

    I think it’s so cool that you have a bird. We used to have a cockatiel (spelled wrong, I think). He was pretty cool!

    I think it’s amazing how much you’re getting gone when you don’t feel well. I hope you feel better soon!

    Thank you for joining us today!

  4. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I’ve been reading it for a couple of months now. I like how you incorporate your home life and household management into your writing. Besides my genealogy blog, I have a personal blog where I often talk about my own home life (although I haven’t written in it much lately) – http://andetc-miriam.blogspot.com. I think I enjoy your blog so much because it seems we have a lot in common!

    Blessings to you!

  5. Thanks Miriam.

    Home life takes over genealogy a lot, so really the two are one and the same. I will have to come by later, and say hi. On my way to work.

  6. Moms,

    Yes I am tired, but I do a little rest a little and it will get done. The kids are a big help too.

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