A Genealogy Night….

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t even looked at my genealogy. Footnote.com released the 1930 census almost a month ago, and though I have a subscription, I haven’t even been there to see what they look like. I haven’t even read the obits or surfed my favorite genealogy blogs, or worked on cemeteries, or really done anything that makes me me since Mom said she wanted to sell her house. All I have been doing is working, cleaning my house and painting hers since then. BUT…

Tonight I am going to wash clothes and work on the 1930 census for my ancestors. I already know where all my direct ancestors were in 1930, so tonight I am going to work on finding all the siblings. In between folding clothes and starting a new load, I am going to play with my database, organize my computer files, download some census images, and get back to me…

I am going to find that inner genealogist that has been locked away and let her play for a few hours tonight. And I am going to insure that my family has clean underwear. LOL

Who knows, maybe I will find Susan Markham alive and well on the 1930 census and will have something to report.

For those who were wondering about my job, I decided to work three days a week next year and requested MWF. My boss hasn’t set up the new schedule, of course, but she seemed okay with that. It will allow me one day to get things done around here and doctor’s visits, and another if I need to do things around Mom’s apartment. She and I can go shopping, or I can have an actual day off if nothing needs my attention. Then I will have my three days to go play with my kiddos and have fun. I am excited about next year because the three year olds are so smart and well behaved this year. 😉 I am so going to miss the four year olds that will go to public school next year. Some of them I have been with since they were two and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye. We only have another month of school and the time is flying by.

It’s cold and rainy here today and I’ve actually been considering getting out my space heater. It’s just damp in the house. It’s chilling to the bones.

In February, in response to Erin at Nagle 5 New, I posted a blog about being mindful and how I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I couldn’t explain why I felt restless, just that I did. Then in March, Mom decided she wanted to move closer to us. Now I can look back and see that though I should have been content, I wasn’t because God was preparing me for my mother to move closer. Now I am ready for her to finally get her house sold and be able to move here. I know it isn’t always going to be easy, since we have trouble at times getting along, but it sure will be nice to go over and check on her instead of calling and wondering if she’s hurt, or just ignoring my caller ID. The thing is, now I am at peace with the decision for her to move nearer us. Sure it will take some adjustments, but we will make it. Now I understand why I wasn’t content with my life as it was.

If I were reading that billboard today, it would be very clear what I need to do, both short term and long term. The to do list is LONG, but not overwhelming. And every step of the way, God has shown me that I am doing what he wanted me to do.

Erin said in her post, It is when we feel overwhelmed by demands that we know we’re out of balance and not being mindful and we need to revisit the way we do things to regain that balance. The demands on me lately have been very overwhelming, both mentally and physically, but I have been able to handle them, because I know that I am doing what is need to regain balance in my life. Besides, I handed it all to God and He’s carrying the load. I am just doing the jobs one at a time and letting Him carry the rest. He carried my cross to Galgatha, He can carry me anywhere else.

So that’s my ramblings for today. Can’t wait to get home from carpool to start working on my genealogy night. The kids are going to clean their rooms today so that we can get all that laundry that seems to make it in closets, under beds and other nooks and not into the laundry basket. And I am going to wash as much of it as I can.

Hope tonight is a good genealogy night for you too!


2 thoughts on “A Genealogy Night….

  1. I remember our email conversations about this. Isn’t amazing that we can look back and see so clearly that what was happening was necessary, even as we railed against it? I’m so glad you are finding inner peace as this all unfolds.

  2. Hi

    My mum and sister have had their “moments” over the years but my baby sister moving to Chicago from England over 7 years ago was very difficult for both of them.

    They are now both counting the seconds down until 6.00pm [gmt] on Friday when my mum goes live on the internet.

    We have already set up her Skype account, so at that moment my son will activate it and my dad will see his namesake grandson for the first time. My mum and I were there at his birth [the day before Thanksgiving] but my dad is unable to fly. He has seen photo’s but it isn’t quite the same.

    I have come to the conclusion that if we were all the same it would be a very boring world and we wouldn’t grow, I just wish some weren’t as different to me as they are [lol].

    Take care


    ps cannot find the April Organisation Checklist but if that is the biggest problem in my life, then I am very lucky

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