Monday Musings…

Today is another Monday and I am planning on getting some things done.

Plans for today include:
Dropping #3 off for field trip.
Cleaning house
Eating lunch with my best friend and one of the practice grandchildren
Getting glasses ordered for kids and hubby
Taking prescription order by doctor’s office
Getting phone charged
Maybe even finishing that cemetery I started yesterday. A week ago.

Besides Work
Get Invitations to graduation in mail
Order rooms for graduation
VBS training class

Pick #3 up from field trip
Make her bathe

Take daughter to work day

Kids clean rooms
Rest up

PROM! Need I say more! We have an exciting day of tux and flower picking up to do and dinners out and pictures and limos and dancing (and I am not even going)

Church and a long nap

And in between I cooked and cleaned and went out of my head. Going through life with blinders on it’s tough to see…

I used to love Alice.

I am sure there are things I have forgotten. I’d also like to give the dog a hair cut, wash some windows and curtains in my house, and start cleaning out the garage, but those can stay on the list a little while longer if necessary.


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