Prayer Tuesday…

Due to a change in Stellan’s condition, I am posting this tonight-it was supposed to post Tuesday morning.

I have been begging for my friends and family to pray for me lately as I deal with graduating teens, moving Mom and well, just life, but today I am asking begging for that prayer for another Mom whom I have never met MckMomma. Her little boy Stellan will be having an ablation today if all goes as planned. An ablation is the same surgery that #1 had nearly a year ago, so I have walked part of the way in her shoes. However, Stellan is just a baby, and his SVT and arrhythmia are very bad. I know she is terrified, but she is putting all her trust in the Lord that He will care for baby Stellan and so today I am asking that you just say a little prayer for Stellan as he has his ablation.

My prayer is that he will have an easy time, that his pathways will not be near the AV Node and that like #1, this surgery will be the cure they are praying for.

They won’t know for sure for at least 6 months to a year if it’s totally successful, but those first few weeks with a normal heartbeat are so precious that you can’t help but rejoice in what God can do and what He can teach doctors who are willing to learn.

So for today, bow your heads in prayer for a baby you’ve never met. Tomorrow, I will covet your prayers once again. LOLe


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