What I did last night…

My kids have done their own laundry since they were six and they do an awesome job, but it seems that every load they drop one or two pieces in the floor and forget about it. Normally, I just pick it up and add it to the load I am working on and move on. But lately I have been traveling and exhausted and even my laundry has been wash as we get desperate instead of wash because I hate having dirty clothes clean, and my utility room has started looking like the backroom of a goodwill.

Add to the fact that I have a bottle of detergent with a spout that I refill with the cheaper (sometimes) refill bottles and yet for some reasons the kids have opened a new bottle of detergent every time they have done a load and add to that the fact that when mom isn’t home she tends to not know what has been used and what hasn’t, and I had:
1) an empty spout bottle
2) 5, yes 5, opened, partially used refill bottles
3) a very sticky drier (no tops on the refill bottles)

So last night I picked up and sorted the clothes in the floor and kept them washing. I filled the spout bottle with detergent from the refill bottles. Then I combined detergent (all the same kind) into as few bottles as possible.
Now I have:
1) three loads of laundry to do
2) a full spout bottle
3) 2 full refill bottles (caps no longer optional)
4) a shiny clean drier
5) a cheaper grocery store visit for the next three weeks.

It was a small victory, but one well worth the time and effort it took to reclaim my laundry room. Now to get the kids to PUT AWAY their own laundry. A chore I have been working on since they were six. And just when you thought they were perfect. 😉


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