Wow, where’d spring go?

It was 87 today! And boy am I loving it. Last night I had a chance to work on the 1930 census via I like their new search engines and was finding more people than I had time to use last night. I can’t wait to see them get all the census. It’s so worth the money over other pay sites to me.

It was take your daughter to work day and #3 went with me. We had a good time and after work went clothes shopping. She’s grown so much since Christmas that she had to have a whole new wardrobe. She had fun spending my money and picking out clothes all alone. She is going to look so good, but so grown up. Where’d my baby go?

So tonight I think I am going to do a little genealogy. Granted that wasn’t on the grand plan, but the grand planlaundry can wait. I want to play!

So if this weather holds, you will probably not see as much of me since I am under doctor’s orders to get more Vitamin D, and the best way to do that is by a pool. LOL So I am going to take doctor’s orders and nap by the pool this weekend. Rest, relaxation, and vitamin D all in a tan wrapper.


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