Only 3 more years…

As cool as the 1930 census is, I am excited to see the 1940 census released in 2012, because my father will be on it. It will be so cool to see his name listed there with his brothers and sisters and my grand parents. I also hope to finally find out the name of the little boy who lived next door, whom dad always wanted me to find and see if he was still alive so they could meet again. Daddy could remember playing with him, but not any other details. Hopefully by 1940, he is already living next door to my grandparents.

In 1940, my great grand parents should be living nearby as well. My great grandmother died in 1941, so this would be the last snap shot of them as a family.

So for now, I am continuing to look up family on the 1930 census, and finding out how the depression affected various branches, but I am really looking forward to 1940.


5 thoughts on “Only 3 more years…

  1. Okay, that is way cool! My birth dad will be on there, too, as will Superman’s parents (I think…maybe…hmmm….). Seeing people you actually know wraps it all up, doesn’t it?

  2. I am extremely jealous.

    Here in the UK we have only just [in the last few weeks] been allowed curtailed access to the UK 1911 Cenus and it is very very expensive ie it is the equivilent of 5.15 dollars to view each image, and I currently have over 2,000 ancestors who I know were alive at this time.

    All the censuses are taken in the years ending 01,11 etc and it needs an Act of Parliament as a formality, to set it in operation. At the same time they also pass an Act that will keep it closed for 100 years.

    They have been able to open the 1911 Census early as they forgot to pass the Closure Act. After a public outcry the government agreed to open it early but to block out certain pieces of information until the original date such as medical questions.

    It will be cheaper in future but at the moment it can only be viewed on one site who can obviously charge what they like. Hopefully when it goes onto sites like Ancestry in 2012 it will come down in charge.



  3. Lin,
    Yes we are blessed to be able to see it. Funny that my birth certificate and marriage record are considered public knowledge and therefore available to anyone, but the census has to wait 72 years.


    Yes it will be cool to finally see them, though I have been looking at censuses from 1790 for years and feel like I know those ancestors too.:)

  4. Theresa

    I agree with you, BMD’s we only have to wait 3 years for and yet Census’s are 100.

    I asked my sister if she would copy my nephews birth certificate for me when he was 4 years old and when I commented that it would be cheaper than getter a copy from the GRO she was horrified, as they were still living at the same address.


  5. Some areas here have the indexes online for free. Other states won’t release them at all.
    I just hope Footnote doesn’t go up on their fees as they get more records. For now, it’s cheap enough that it pays me to have it over ordering records from the official government office.

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