The weather here is so beautiful and Hubby and I decided to enjoy the pool today. And now I am sunburned. And itchy…But I did get in. Boy was it cold!

But I had a nice restful weekend and am ready for another week of work, kids, mom, genealogy.

Been working on the 1930 census again tonight trying to find those cousins I couldn’t find in 1920. Hoping that if I found them in 1930, I could then find them in 1920. Found two cousins who’d apparently married brothers. They all lived in the same house in 1930. Pretty cool huh.

I haven’t worked on genealogy in a long while and have had fun tonight looking people up and adding in the tags for the 1930 census. I am working on hitting 3200 sources soon. Can’t believe that it was a few short months ago that I was shooting for 3000. I need to order some microfilm for a project I was working on before my life got so incredibly busy that I just had to stop everything for a while. Now that things are slowing down a little, I want to get back on it.

Prom was last night. They looked so good and I think they had a good time. #1 isn’t the type kid to come home and give you every single detail, and I haven’t seen his girlfriend yet. Luckily she is. LOL They looked so incredibly grown up. She was so beautiful. It was sad taking the tux back today, because the fairy tale is over. He reminded me of my father at my wedding in that tux and it was sad that Pa couldn’t be here to see him all grown up. My dad adored #1, his only grandson and would have loved watching him grow up.

So I am trying to not scratch, and will continue to look up cousins on the census for a little while longer. Got another busy week ahead of me. Teacher appreciation week, desperately need to clean house, and go to the grocery store. Mom needs a little more done at her house in my spare time, and got to fit in my normally busy life into the cracks. And somewhere along the way I have to wash some clothes. Where does the time go? And how do you stop this itching?


2 thoughts on “Itchy…

  1. Sunburned? I think you must be cruel…have I mentioned that we have snow predicted for the next two days (fingers crossed that it will be too warm for it to stick – sigh). Have you tried Noxema for the itching? I used to use it.

    Your genealogy stories definitely give me a different kind of itch…I’m seriously hoping to give it a try this summer.

    Bittersweet, these “growing up fast” memories, aren’t they?

  2. Sorry, it’s gorgeous here and all I want to do is sit by the pool, but alas the house calls me. I hope our whole summer is like this.

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