Home Sing Monday


My routines have been non-existent lately, and believe me you can tell, so today I am getting back into some control around here and starting some Spring Cleaning to boot.

Here’s how I am going to get this house singing this week, because there aren’t enough hours in Monday. LOL

Clean out fridge
Clean out pantry
Walmart for supplies
Publix for meat
Duty free lunch for #3’s teacher
Clean out washing machine drain and clean washer
Wash and dry white clothes
Wash and dry rugs and shower curtain in Master bath
Wash and dry a load of towels
Wash and dry and rehang curtains in Master Bath
Spring clean powder room
Take girls to gymnastics
Clean on the house if I find any spare time.
Lunch (yes apparently I need to put that on the list)

Wash and dry curtains in Master Bedroom
Wash and dry sheets
Wash and dry dust ruffle
Wash and dry comforter
Spring clean Master Bath
Wash Mom’s colored clothes
Wash a load of towels

Wash and dry curtains in Office
Wash and dry rugs in Office
Spring clean Master Bedroom
Wash #3’s colored clothes and go through for goodwill (man has she grown)
Wash cleaning towels and mop heads
Wash a load of towels if needed

Wash and dry curtains in Living room
Spring clean Office
Wash #2’s colored clothes (go through and see what needs to go to goodwill)
Wash #1’s colored clothes and be thankful he hasn’t grown in a while.
Wash Hubby’s colored clothes

And in case you are wondering. I am going to try and get back into a routine the rest of the time. I need to make out May’s menu, so that when I go to the store next week I know what I have and what I have to get.


5 thoughts on “Home Sing Monday

  1. Wow. You have a busy week but I like the fact that you spread things out to make it easier. I like to do a little at a time too. It’s just nice to do a little spring cleaning, ya know?

    For some reason, your last week’s post came up, instead of this one. When you link, you will want to link to your current post. You do that by going to the botton of your current post and clicking on the time. That will bring you to the URL for that page. You can do a Copy and C to cut and paste it (Copy and V) it onto the meme page. That will fix it for you.

    In the meantime, I will go ahead and fix it for you. Thank you for joining us today!

  2. o.k., yours is different from mine. In your case, you will want to click on the title of your post, and that will bring you to the correct page to link to. Sorry!

  3. Sorry, Wasn’t paying attention to the URL when I hit save on your site. Argg. Sometimes the Internet is so frustrating.

  4. The most powerful idea I’ve read in a long time: Your best is different each day. Don’t be upset with what you’re not doing, be happy with what you do accomplish. If you get most of that stuff done, you’ll have quite a clean house. (Thanks for reminding me about the bathroom rugs! I need to do them…)

  5. Funny, I know I have made increible progress today, yet I feel behind. LOL But I am making progress, almost done with today’s chores and I can tell that I have done alot despite being in and out all day.

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