How’s my genealogy organization going?…

Well, it’s not. I got busy helping mom and dealing with prom and graduation and still have Bible School on my plate, and as usual genealogy got pushed to the back. It will still be there for me when things settle down in the fall. LOL

But I can still work on adding new census data and cleaning up my database in the meantime while I watch TV at night. I don’t watch much TV, but we do watch classic TV on DVD most nights. So while I am watching an old TV show from the 60s, I can focus on cleaning up my database, since I’ve seen the TV show a million times.

But that doesn’t mean I have given up on the idea. I do intend to keep adding new scans as time allows and I do intend to continue to organize the data I have already.

That is why I started this blog. It is about the research of my fifth great grandfathers, but it’s also about the things that keep me from it. Children, Mom, church, dust bunnies, work, naps, migraines. While I study their lives, I still have to live my own.


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