Oh Man…

On Wednesday night I told hubby I was going to be the next Tanya Harding and go on celebrity boxing. I was kicking some big time bottom on the Wii. I had the moves, the power, what it took to beat up a little electronic dude.

On Friday, I can’t move. It hurts to move my head. My shoulders feel swollen. My biceps (didn’t realize I had those) are aching. I realized I am not a 25 year old pro-skater turned boxer. I am a 44 year old mother of three, that is greatly out of shape. Why did I feel a need to box 4 different characters back to back on my first night out? Where’s the Motrin and how many times a day can one person take it? Does my heating pad have a car adapter?

So, done anything really stupid lately?


3 thoughts on “Oh Man…

  1. Valiant is sharing his laptop with me and I’m reading blogs from my “sick” bed. I so needed the laugh! This cold is kicking my tail-end. Oh, I’ll be up and in the shower soon, cause that’s what we mom’s do. Anyway, I’m carefully following your “tales of the wii fit” because I strongly suspect my children will set aside all differences and ask Santa for their first joint present ever this December. I’ve heard so many good things about it, but I’m not a gamer…I’d want it for exercise. So, keep us posted and don’t give up on those biceps…even 44 year old mom’s can get back in shape. (P.S. You can smile and go through your day knowing you’re younger than I – I turn 46 in the fall!)

  2. I have enjoyed it so far because you aren’t just sitting on your bottom mindlessly playing. Even when it’s not your turn you are active. But take it slow the first few days. It uses muscles most mom activities don’t. Glad you are feeling better.

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