Can it possibly rain any more?…

The title says it all. It has been pouring down lately. Monsoon season has hit the southern states. And I didn’t even know we had a monsoon season. LOL

Our pool is full nearly to the brim with cold rain water and just when it was warm enough to swim and clean enough to swim in last weekend. Now it looks more like a koi pond without the koi.

The bad thing about rainy Sundays is they make me want to sleep and eat. If I lived in a rainy area, I’d weigh 800 pounds and would sleep 20 hours a day.

But days like this make me wish we had a tin roof, like my great aunt had on her house. I used to love going to her house when it was raining, because the rain would hit the tin and make a “plunk” sound over and over again until you’d be lulled to sleep. Shingles just don’t give the same effect.

Oh well, if it doesn’t stop raining soon, the school guys will have to decide if we are out of school for swine flu or flooding. How will they decide which is more breaking news? The two cases of swine flu we have, or the flash flooding the rain is bringing. How to decide which is more important? I know, I am being sarcastic, but the local news people get a little crazed when they can go “wall to wall” with coverage of any kind. Either way, I am sure it will “sound like a freight train.”

So I am off to get that last cemetery online. I am bound and determined tonight’s the night.


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