Sharpee High…

#2 and I got the banners for Bible School done tonight and she left the top off the sharpee while we went to dinner. Now I think we are all on a sharpee high. The house reeks of sharpee. Can you imagine working at the sharpee factory? Those poor people must have migraines constantly. Man does it stink. But the banners look good.

Had a great Monday! Got nothing done at home, but ran some errands for Bible School, went to a doctor’s appt. and got the banners finished. Hubby will put them up tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Tomorrow we have a teacher’s meeting and then I am going to run some more Bible School errands, and then home to clean a little house. And I got a sub job for Wednesday, so I won’t be idle all week! Money is money right. It’s in the cafeteria and the lady kept asking if I was sure if I wanted to do it. Why not? I have cooked for large numbers of people before. I can mop. And I only have to be there 4 hours. It’s not like it’s a death sentence. Okay, ask me Wednesday how it went, because I know they work hard. And I hate to cook. But work is work, and I have a Wii to pay for. LOL

Got several cemeteries done today as well. THat was the fun part of the morning. Sitting in bed, working on cemeteries, all alone in a peaceful house with no where to be or do until after lunch. Ah the life.

Hope you had a great genealogy day. I didn’t do any genealogy for me, but getting those cemeteries online sure does feel better.
IF you haven’t been to the cemetery lately, you can check it out at Or click on one of the links in my widgets if you read this online.


2 thoughts on “Sharpee High…

  1. So, I took Buttercup (also known as The Girl) to a birthday party Thursday afternoon, before I realized I truly was getting sick (man, I hope I didn’t get them sick). The dad of the house is crazy into genealogy and subscribes to some super-di-duper membership (thought of you!) and had fun pulling information about my grandparents and great-grandparents from the census records. I’m seriously getting tempted to start this journey up again when summer comes. (Unlike most parents, my life gets easier during summer because the kids have places to go and people to see – like the pool up the street! – which means my house becomes blessedly, momentarily, empty!) Just thought you’d get a kick out of knowing…

  2. MuHAHAHA! You could have the kids work on it as a school project. A great way to teach history. And it’s fun too.

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