Waiting on Godot. Er Laundry…

That’s what I am doing this afternoon is waiting on the drier, because #1 washed his colored clothes with a blanket and I didn’t realize it and tried to dry all of it at one time. The poor drier thinks I have lost my mind. So I divided the load in half, and now it is nearly done. And it ain’t even his laundry day. Got to have a talk with that one about schedules. LOL

So I am resting a little from cleaning house and running errands and waiting on the laundry to need me, so I am going to go find a few more small cemeteries to move over from the website to blog format. Then when the drier beckons, I am going to go fold some colored clothes and some towels and try and get my sheets back on the bed, because yes, I am a little behind schedule myself this week. But I am getting a lot off my to do lists, so I ain’t complaining here. Got to work an extra week now to make up for this week. SIGH. Oh well, I will still get off before my kids, but I was planning on doing some major house cleaning (think garage, yardwork) that week that won’t get done now. Dang Swine Flu. Sorry, I just can’t call it H1N1, because in text talk that is the same as heiny. A word I absolutely despise. So it’s swine flu for me.

So yes, that is my ramblings for one afternoon. I am determined the kids are going to clean out my utility room tonight. Why have they decided lately that it looks like a closet? It’s driving me crazy. So off to do a few cemeteries before my next buzzer. Have a good genealogy afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Waiting on Godot. Er Laundry…

  1. That’s the same as a heiny? Really? I never knew that. Anyway, I sometimes envy those people who have two dryers, but then I think, how spoiled am I? I have a dryer and I’m whining about waiting…sigh.

    Glad you’re getting some stuff done and having time for genealogy stuff. Balance, my friend, balance…work, but have fun…it is all good.

  2. Well, they lifted the ban, so I am back to school tomorrow. I did enjoy the break though to get ready for Bible School and get caught up around here and do some subbing and some cemeteries, and …

    I love my second drier. It’s great for rugs, small loads, dividing big loads into smaller packages. But yeah, I try not to whine, since I am not beating it on rocks. But if I was, these kids would have a lot less clothes. (Hey, that would make my budget smaller too…)

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