Well, what do you guys think…


First, I got a blog award. Thanks so much to Miriam at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors for picking me.

Now I have to pick some right? This is always hard because I only follow a few blogs due to time constraints, which is the very thing Miriam says she loves about me. LOL. Most of them are professionals and though I know they love having followers, I am not sure how much they love getting tons of blog awards each time a new one goes around. Not like those of us amateurs do.

So I decided to see if I could find some new contenders.

GraveGardens-What kind of person likes taking care of dead people? Yeah, I would like that one, huh?

GeesNMore I am pretty sure that this is where my George L. Gee descends from, but have never been able to prove it, so now that they have a blog, I am going to check it out.

Now I know that’s not 7. I just don’t read that many blogs. The ones I do are listed below.

Nagle 5 News
Random Relatives
Caswell County, Historical Society.
I do like Miriams’ AnceStories, but not sure if you can award an award back. How does that work?

Now to the question I asked in the header.

I have requested three days of work next year. My boss offered me the job today teaching twos two days a week today. It would mean more hours, more money. I love my four year olds, but right now there just aren’t enough kids to justify an aide, and there are enough twos to need another teacher. I get along great with the current teacher who would teach the other two days, so that’s not figured in at all. She and I will share a room easily.

Here are the pros: More hours, more money, get to teach
Here are the cons: Diapers, lifting, more time in the room-right now, my job involves a lot of moving from room to room to copy room…

So what would you do? I told her I’d pray about it and I intend to, but I thought I’d throw it out there for opinions. I’d teach two days a week, then aide the third day. I even thought about if I took the teaching job only working two days a week, because I’d make as much as I would aiding three and have an extra me day, but I am afraid I’d get bored. LOL Thing is I really love my job now. I know I love it. Now sure if I would love teaching the younger children. I know I’d love the children and I’d give them my best, but would I be giving me my best?

So you tell me what would you do? I will make up my own mind after I pray and discuss it with Hubby. He knows me well and can tell me what is best usually.

So what I got done this week.

Dog got the haircut: The clippers died, so he looks a little choppy. He also looks like he lost 20 pounds. He is so patient with me. He is white again. In case you don’t know, we have a westy. He is an outside/inside dog. He loves being outside, but because he has yeast allergies, we try and keep him in as much as possible, and he sleeps inside. He has to have lots of baths, so I keep his fur short so it’s easier to bathe him. But in the winter, I let it get longer to keep him warm while he’s outside. He’s been needing a trim for a while and yesterday he finally got it. He’s not going to win any dog shows, but he is cooler, cleaner and adorable according to the girls. LOL

Got supplies for VBS: So my craft ladies can start getting ready for Vacation Bible School which is coming up soon. Man, did the lady at Michael’s look at me like I was crazy when I ordered 70 flower pots. LOL She must have thought I was planning some garden.

Got banners up: Though they need rehanging. Could someone tell Lifeway that their banners this year aren’t very sturdy? Okay, yes, I plan on complaining. Nicely. LOL

Tonight the kids are headed to the movies, so I am going to have a genealogy night! I need to order some microfilm and I think I am going to make that my first priority tonight. I will have some free time this summer to use it and I need to get it headed this way.


One thought on “Well, what do you guys think…

  1. Thank you for the award!

    Your site is great. I will visit it often.

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