Mother’s Day…

The kids have been awfully suspicious today. They wanted to know if they could go shopping. Now for #2, that’s a perfectly normal request. She’d go shopping on her death bed. But for her brother and sister, that’s the same as most people asking to have their nails removed one at a time. They’d rather take a beating than go shopping. #1 once asked why I couldn’t just take his measurements to Wal-mart and have the guy give me the right size clothes. (What does that kid watch on TV?)

Hubby wasn’t being suspicious at all, because he’s been putting on a new gutter on the back of the house. Without me asking. Without me begging. Without me nagging. Nope, not suspicious at all.

Even the dog was being a little suspicious, but he’s always like that. LOL

So when I got up from my nap (I wasn’t feeling good for some reason), there was a big card. It was from #2’s boyfriend and his brother. My #4 and #5 children. They have been best friends with #1 for years and never go home. I send them home, she tires of them, sends them back. We have a deal that as long as one of us isn’t tired of them at a time, they are fine. Mostly she has them in winter, so they can play video games (think Rock Band) and I get them in the summer (think pool). They are great kids and the 5 of them get alone so good I sometimes forget that two of them aren’t really mine. The fact that the three boys look so much alike that strangers think they are brothers helps. Even I have mistaken them in their sleep and woken the wrong one to take out trash. (Yes, it is my story that I awoke the wrong one, and I am sticking to it. The fact that all three cleaned the garage that day has nothing to do with me. They are just generous that way. )

So now I am waiting for Hubby to fix hamburgers (we had them last night and I forgot to freeze the extras, and he thought that was what I’d laid out). I think after dinner I am going to let some suspicious acting kids wash some dishes and fold some clothes for me. After all, mothers of teenagers don’t get opportunities like this often.

Have a Happy Mother’s day all you women of the world. If you don’t have children, celebrate anyway for all the children you help raise. The kids you teach in Sunday School, or mentor in Girl Scouts, or give extra candy to on Halloween, or smile at in the grocery store. Hillary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child. It’s the only thing I agree with her on. It does take a village to raise a child. To all the women who are a part of my village. Thanks for all the help you have given me this year raising my 5 3. I greatly appreciate you. You’ve done an awesome job! And yes, I will talk to them about what we discussed last week. 😉


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