I get to go to church…

You ever have Sundays where you get up and wish you could just play hooky from church. You wish your throat was a little sore so you could say you weren’t feeling well and didn’t want to infect the older members or you wish you were a little warm so you could claim you were running a fever when Hubby got out of the shower? I have those Sundays sometimes. We never have a day where we sleep in. Hubby’s an early riser, so even on Saturday’s he’s up at the crack of dawn. He often wakes up our bird, whose been known to wake up God. Sunday’s sometimes seem like the perfect day to sleep in. In case you are wondering, I am a sleeper-in.

But lately with Mom’s house, we haven’t been at church much. And I am excited that I get to go today. I get to wear a dress, not painter’s clothes. I get to wear flats, not tennis shoes. I get to wear my hair all done up, with hair spray, instead of a pony tail. I get to go to church and see my friends, and hear a good sermon and most importantly Worship my Lord. Now I haven’t missed out on that part lately. I have done some MAJOR worshiping as God has shown me what He wants me to do with Mom’s house and her stuff and well, her. He’s shown me some amazing things and I’ve just had to do the God Happy Dance when He did. But it’s just not the same.

So today I get to get up, shower, get dressed, do my hair (probably would still look better in the pony tail LOL) and I get to go to church. Then Hubby and the kids are going to take me to lunch and then home to open presents and then I may take a nap. After all, today I can do it totally guilt free.

I hope you get to go to church today.


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