Oh, that sound in the night…

I had a good mother’s day. We went to church and then Hubby and the kids took me out to lunch. There were even presents. Good ones. And real cards. My kids now buy cards instead of making them!

Then we came home and opened up the Wii Fit. The older two went to #1’s girlfriend’s house for a birthday party and #3 and I worked out, taking turns challenging each other to who could ski the fastest, or who could hold a yoga pose longest. Hubby got in on the act with the Hula Hoop contest. Then it was who could Hula Hoop the most-dad. Who could ski best-dad. Who could balance the balls and drop them in the most holes-dad.

With only one kid we decided to go out to dinner. She’d already had a bowl of cereal, yet she ate again at Shoney’s. Then once we were home, she ate another bowl of cereal. She’s growing like a weed, so I overlooked it. We played more Wii after the older two got home, until bedtime.

Now the thing about the Wii fit, is you are having fun and most things only last a minute, and its very easy to overdo it. You don’t realize you are working out muscles until the next day when you frankly can’t move.

So we sent the kids off to bed to dream about beating Dad in Hula Hooping, and about 11 pm we hear that sound no parent wants to hear in the night. The sound of a kid getting sick in the sink. Now let me explain that my kids are rarely sick, so I guess she’d forgotten the lecture about throwing up in the sink she got the last time she was sick. Hubby has an irrational fear of drain cleaners, had thrown away my drano and so the drain would not unclog. It’s 11:15 at night and I am very sleepy (my meds for migraines make me sleep well) and there’s bubonic plague in my upstairs sink, and nothing to unclog the drain. And where do I find him? In bed asleep. Yes, after he checked to see that she was okay and that I was upstairs with her, he went back to bed. I don’t think so.

I explained to him how he was going to unclog that drain and get it running bubonic plague free so that I could get to bed that night too. I then went downstairs, and got her situated on the couch. Since I wanted to stay up and check on her, I needed to fight off the effects of my sleep inducing drugs, so I cleaned the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom and put her sheets and comforter on the sanitize cycle.

She will have to stay home from school today. She isn’t running a fever, so I suspect she has a case of over-did-it-itis. She gets that from time to time, because she hasn’t learned to stop and rest when her body gets tired. She gets that from me. So it’s a little after midnight. Hubby is asleep. Dishwasher is going. Smell of bleach is permeating the downstairs. I will need to clean the upstairs (including her room, because she apparently has recently decided to redecorate in Modern Clothes on the Floor fashion. ) If she starts running a fever, we will be off to the doctor of course.

And I am going to buy yet another can of drain cleaner. I am going to hide it again. And hopefully the next time bubonic plague hits, there will be some drano in my bathroom. Because frankly it’s hard to run a lot of hot water and vinegar and baking soda down a drain that is full of … Well, you know.

Now I’d be more concerned if:
1) she had a fever-she doesn’t
2) she had other symptoms-none other than her throat is sore which is wasn’t before she threw up,
3) if she’d been laying around or complaining of any symptoms before bed-which she wasn’t, she’s been full of herself all day or
4) she wasn’t eating-which she is, which I believe is the major cause of her sickness. Too much food (especially dairy) on an stomach that was doing crunches and lunges all afternoon.

So there you have it. The unperfect way to end Mother’s Day. Lucky for me, I’ve never really thought it was all that big a deal anyway. LOL


2 thoughts on “Oh, that sound in the night…

  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! …. Ugh!

    If it makes you feel any better (like misery loves company better), Charming still doesn’t make it to the bathroom (or at least he didn’t the last time he should have…who knows now that he’s not been home). How gross is that? Bedding and all filled with vomit from a kid bigger than his mom! Hope she’s better today…

  2. She is much better. I think it was too much Wii. She laid around yesterday, but felt good enough to help clean her room last night. She’s back to school today.

    They aren’t sick much and I make staying home unpleasant. No eating soup and playing monopoly here. LOL

    I hate getting upset with them when they are sick though. But I sure am glad we don’t do that often. Yuk.

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