Power Washing Saturday…

Well, I was so proud. I got half the deck power washed. It’s a very big deck and it’s under an even better tree. See my plan was to take a picture of the tree, but…

I got about 1/4 way done and Hubby wanted to take a load to the dump. #1 didn’t want to go to the dump, so he offered to power wash if I’d go to the dump. Wanting to get away, I agreed to the dump trip. So off Hubby and I went to the dump with a load of things that looked fine last fall, but now just look like trash. When we got home, #1 was almost done with the first half. I must add the dump was closed, so my van is still full of dump stuff. But I digress.

So I started again, but it was cold. The trees (5 to be exact-we live in a mini forest on our one acre) were blocking the only sun and the temp had dropped at least ten degrees. I was having trouble telling where I’d been and where I was going, so I decided to call it a night and cook supper. (I looked online to see how many calories you burn power washing, but apparently no one has ever studied that. You see, mostly men power wash, and men don’t count calories.)

So I was trying to get the dog to go outside and he was refusing. He nearly bit me. This is out of character for our little Westy. So I let him stay in. I figured I’d do a little Yoga on the Wii and then start supper. No sooner had I weighed in and been insulted by the little Wii man by being told I’d gained three pounds and perhaps it was because I hadn’t bothered to visit in 6 days. What, no one ever explained to the Wii guy about water weight?

So there I am arguing with the Wii man that it wasn’t the lack of exercise, that had caused the three pounds, when away he went. Him and all the other lights in the house. So we lit candles and waited, and waited and waited.

And then went to dinner at O’Charley’s. So now, when he and I visit next week, I can agree that yes, perhaps it was “lack of exercise” and not the “all you can eat soup and salad” that put on the next three pounds.

So now the lights are back on. The deck is almost half done (the hardest half) and my feet are killing me. I just can’t seem to get how to ski jump. But I earned 15 minutes trying. LOL So any way, I lost the calorie burn of the power washing to the loaded potato soup and by the time we got home, it was too dark to take a picture of the tree, so you could see how big it is.

Oh, wondering about the dog. He is terrified of storms. Apparently he could tell what was coming and he was NOT going out there. Bless his heart he wouldn’t come to me unless I was sitting down. Even then, he was a little leery that I was going to put him out. We don’t call him Weather-dog for nothing.

So that was my exciting day. It may be too cold to finish outside tomorrow. Yes, too cold in mid-May.

Around the rest of the house, Hubby worked on the gutters, #1 got all the trash up out of the yard for the dump and the girls did my Monday chores, because I have a million things to do on Monday and I may not get to laundry and mopping. So at least the house is clean inside and looking better outside. If it’s nice tomorrow, I am going to start the kids on the front flower beds and I am going to finish the deck, while Hubby hopefully finishes the gutters. We are such an exciting family! LOL

In genealogy news, I think I have found my next book, The Slave Families of Thomas Jefferson It sounds like it’s going to be a go read. Read more here

It sounds pricey, but maybe our library will get a copy. Wonder if she’d consider doing a few cheap paperbacks for those of us who buy our books at the library book sales. 😉

So, I am now off to watch a little TV and fall asleep in front of it. Or maybe read a book. Or maybe just fall asleep. Anyway, have a wonderful genealogy Sunday!


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