So do your homework…

Interesting things you learn about yourself when the lights go off:

We do not get a lot of magazines. The ones we get just come. We don’t buy them. They show up for a while, then go away. I read them, throw them away. I have never been a magazine keeper. (#3 needed food pictures for a school project)

We depend a lot on the computer (see above)

Most school assignments depend on the computer (see above). She needed to resize some photos for another project and couldn’t do it without her computer and my scanner.

While we love to read, we rarely do it without background noise.

We are very dependent on cell phones. Luckily they work, if charged, when the lights go out.

You can’t shop, or eat out, if the lights are off, and driving is a disaster.

I always, my dad would be so proud, turn on a light when I enter a room, and turn off the light when I leave. Even if the room is full of people. Even if the lights are out.

We only turn off all the lights in our house during a power shortage.

While the brain grasps the concept of no lights, it doesn’t grasp the concept that the refrigerator light is gone and that the garage door opener no longer works.

We can amuse ourselves for 4 minutes 23 seconds. After that, we need lights, music, computers, people.

Candles are fascinating to humans. The dog can take them or leave them.

Scented candles don’t smell good when they are burned.

It is very quiet in the house when the lights are off. Those things make a lot of noise.

And the most important thing we learned about ourselves when the lights went off.

We like electricity. Alot


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