Where have I been?….

Several of you have written worried about me. I am fine. Just busy. No, Hubby did not leave me at the dump, though I am sure the thought did cross his mind a time or two.

#1 is graduating and we have had awards day. He got a Volunteer Award. It was a National Scholarship. He did not win the scholarship, but did win the award for his school. We were still very proud of him for that. He will hopefully also get an ACT Scholarship. We are waiting on his final GPA for that one. Nothing like waiting till the last minute huh? At least we aren’t waiting to see if it’s high enough to graduate.
Sunday was Baccalaureate ( a word I still can not spell)

#3 is also graduating from elementary school this year and she’s got awards day coming up as well. They don’t actually graduate, just have a big ceremony at awards day, but she’s still excited.

We also had two birthdays this week to celebrate. #2 and Mom are both a year older and a year wiser I hope. We celebrated #2 on Saturday with a pool party despite the fact that it rained and it was 71 degrees. The girls got in, but it was too cold and they played Wii all afternoon instead. Mom just got a quick lunch and a small gift that won’t clutter the moving van. LOL

Her house hasn’t sold yet, but she’s getting nibbles, so we are getting ready for a buyer soon. She’s trying to be patient. It will be nice for her to have her own apartment to go to so she won’t have to nap on our couch after church on Sundays any more. LOL

I also had to work last week myself, and I was just so busy and tired I haven’t even had a minute to myself. Looking forward to next week when school will be out and graduation will be past us and we all can just relax until August when we start this train ride again with #2.

Then we had a band concert, a band banquet and a football game (the kids went, I didn’t; I was just too tired to lift my head up)

So if you were worried, that is so sweet. I am fine. I have been working on my Wii and trying to stay ahead of laundry and dreaming about days when I can sit in front of my computer and read microfilm for hours while laundry washes in the back ground. If only that was a paying job. Do people still take in laundry? Or do only dry cleaners do that these days? My grandmother took in ironing when her kids were little, but I hate to iron. I love to wash clothes, but I hate ironing them.

Have a safe Memorial Day. Hubby was supposed to clean graveyards today, but they decided the weather was going to be too bad. It rained on us last year. So he’s cutting our grass instead. I told him to pretend there were dead people there. I know that’s kind of morbid, but anything to get him motivated. He hates to work in the yard, and it shows. And with grown children, I can hardly say I am growing children not grass any more. Well, technically I am growing grass, just not the places my neighbors would prefer that I grow it. They can be so picky when they aren’t burning things.

On a good note, I have lost 10 pounds as of yesterday. The little Wii guy was not nice though. I missed my Wii goal by .11 pounds and instead of congratulating me, he told me I should set a lower goal next time. Huh? What about the 1.89 pounds I did lose in the last two weeks Buddy? I am starting to see why people throw their remotes through their TVs. It was VERY, VERY tempting. But since the scales were being nice, I let him slide this time. He has two weeks to clean up his act though. If he doesn’t start cooperating, I am going to start weighing in, well… You Know….

So that my folks is where I have been and why I never seem to know where my ancestors were despite the fact that they really didn’t move around all that much. They were the least nomadic people on the face of the earth. I am the one that can’t seem to stop moving.


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