Graduation is OVER!…

We’ll it’s official, he is graduated. It was the most beautiful evening you have ever seen. THanks for all the prayers. They got to march out onto the field with whomever they wanted and then their principal did a short speech. Then the class president gave her speech and then one of his best friends and band members played and then they got their diplomas.

They pronounced his name correctly, which was a shock, and then the bigger shock. His scholarship that we were worried about him even getting was a four year scholarship! Yup, you read that right, it is renewable each year if he keeps his grades up. I could not stop crying the whole day. Little things like my letter to him, a card at the grocery store. Paper or plastic. But this had me awestruck.

We had a wonderful celebration at the house with his friends and family and then just as the evening was winding down, my niece came in with my little grand nephew in a t-shirt that said “BIG COUSIN” on it. I looked at it and thought it must be talking about #1 being his big cousin, but all it said was BIG COUSIN. I read it three times, trying to figure out what the BIG COUSIN did, because he is the only cousin in his generation, when I realized he is going to be a big cousin. I am going to be a great aunt, again!

This couple has dated since 7th grade. They’ve been married for about 4 years and we have all been praying for this little baby forever. We were all doing the happy dance as little H went around the room and announced his “BIG COUSIN” status. Oh happy day. One much prayed for cousin graduated. Another much prayed for cousin is on his or her way.

Thanks for everyone who prayed for the weather. We stared at 50% chance of rain, to 40% to 30% and by the time of graduation 0%. The skies were perfectly blue except for one black cloud. It was like God was there, saying I am here. I am in control. I chose to send this weather. I can change my mind, but I don’t intend too. I know it seems silly to some people to ask for prayer for rain, but my Bible says to ask. I know there are times when the answer will be No, and I am Okay with that, but I am sure thankful yesterday was not one of those days.

Yup, God definitely smiled on me yesterday. Today I nap!


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