Life in the slow lane….

at least for today.

I took a much needed break from the craziness that has been our life lately and allowed my many children to do the same. #2 is off with boyfriend eating breakfast. Though they left around 9:30 and it’s now noon, so me thinks it’s more than breakfast. #3 is watching a bugs life and eating cinnamon buns she cooked all by herself. When the timer went off, my only thought was “see they don’t need me as much any more.” Then the fire alarm went off, and I got up. #1 hasn’t made an appearance. Probably up, but talking to girlfriend on cell phone. I told all three we’d sleep in today and have a day of rest because…

Next week is Vacation Bible School. Where it gets the name Vacation from I’ll never know, because it’s more work than real school, but we always have fun and we are all looking forward to it.

Then summer vacation will really start. So the rest of this week will be shopping and preparing food, and praying and getting ready for VBS, but today is for resting. In fact, I may just go catch the end of Bug’s Life. I hear it’s perfect to sleep in front of.

So for the first time in probably a year, I slept in Saturday and again today. No alarm clock. No rushing off to do chores. No worrying about getting behind. Just me and my pillow. And was it ever nice.


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