What is it about sleeping late?….

That makes you just want to sleep all day? I have been letting the kids and myself sleep until at least 9 each morning, which for us is pure heaven, but then all I want to do the rest of the day is nap. Today we are going to clean house and get the yard cut so that we can rest in the evening. The girls are helping me inside, the boy is cutting grass. I know that sounds sexist, but he’s strong enough to use the yard tools and they are not. So they are using the inside tools and he is cutting grass.

And once our chores are done around lunch time, we all can have the afternoon to each do whatever sounds like fun to each individual. To me that is probably going to be a nap by the pool. I am resting up for next week. The older two will probably won’t to do something with friends and the youngest will probably play a computer game.

I’m waiting on some cemeteries and that is what I am going to do later this week is get them online. I need to work on indexing the new ones Patsy has busily gotten online. She does such an awesome job photography wise. I even saw a few I need genealogy wise.

So that’s about it for us. Just getting the house a little presentable, goofing off and still getting used to the idea that we have all the time in the world to do whatever we want to do. Even it if it just sleeping.


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