It’s Summer!

Each year our family marks the start of summer with Vacation Bible School. Unless you grew up like I did in the Southern United states, you may not know what VBS stands for, but here kids look forward to those 5 days of music, crafts, koolaid and Jesus like Christmas.

Yesterday was the start to our VBS and we had an awesome time. The kids are learning about Australia as well as Bible stories and so we’ve been going around saying G’day Mate in Southern accents all day. Now everyone knows that southerners have accents. And everyone knows that Australians have accents, but when our pastor combines the two, it sounds oddly Scottish. ๐Ÿ™‚

So yesterday was one big blur of music, games, crafts, too sweet koolaid, cookies, and errands. Our home sang with Bible School songs on the road in the minivan as we traveled from one item on the todo list to another.

Today I am headed to the pool. God was gracious enough to send me lots of workers (I am the director training my replacement) and so it’s been a very easy fun week. Today I got to sing Five Little Speckled frogs with the 4 year olds and I got to make boomerangs with third graders. I watched a 2nd grader put as much thought into the decoration of a plastic boomerang as Henry Ford did into the first car. And the result was just as awesome.

Tomorrow I hope to spend some time with some more of the kids making a relationship with them. Learning their names. Knowing where they go to school. What is their favorite part of VBS. Yes, a relationship with them. Just like the one my Savior has with me. That way on Thursday when their pastor shares about his Savior with them, they will see that relationship and want it for themselves.

And on Friday when I hug them goodbye and say I hope I see you next year, I will be able to mean it, not because they will be a number on a tally, but because they will be a friend in my heart. Someone I will have missed and looked forward to seeing again.


2 thoughts on “It’s Summer!

  1. I love Five Little Speckled Frogs. I also like Five Little Monkeys. Man, I miss the days when those songs filled my day!

  2. It was the most awesome day! They just ate up the attention and I ate up the hugs. I love 4 year olds. They are the most awesome creatures on the planet. Old enough to feed themselves, young enough to still hold your hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tomorrow I hope to spend some time with the older kids and see what they are learning.

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