A Shopping we will Go.


Over at Mom’s the Word, they are doing Home Sing Monday.

And today I am going to participate again, because we are signing, Ain’t no mountain High enough.

We had a great week in VBS. 90 children, 50 adults, one salvation, no boo-boos. That’s about as perfect a week as one can get.

God smiled on me once again Thursday morning after the pastor gave the invitation time and we had one little sweet child give her heart to Jesus. I swear I could sit and watch children do that all day long for eternity. Wonder if somewhere in Heaven there’s a room where you can go and watch the moment when each of us gave our hearts to Jesus? Wouldn’t that be a cool place to hang out? Just watching over and over again as little ones, middle sized ones, even old ones give their lives and hearts to Him.

But I digress, as usual. Today we are going to go the grocery store for a big run. Not one of those get what we are out of runs, but one of those buy two of everything runs. One of those everybody get a buggy and meet me at the front of the store runs. One of those clean out the pantry, clean out the fridge, clean out the deep freeze, make room in the hall closet type of grocery runs, because I am tried of planning meals around what I don’t have in the pantry.

Then we are going to do our Monday chores. Or what’s left of them. It rained today, so I got a head start on the house cleaning and made a pretty good jump on it. I’d planned on napping by the pool, but got in a cleaning mood instead. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

#2 has a consultation with the wisdom tooth doctor. They have to come out ASAP, like two months ago, so we will be doing that very soon. So that’s in the afternoon after food and cleaning.

Then once we are done with all that, I am going to come home, turn on my computer, and I am going to…. Yes, believe it or not, I am going to do some genealogy. I haven’t even opened TMG in weeks and today is the day.

So that is how our home is going to sing today. We are going to get caught up on laundry this week, because we didn’t do any last week. It was like being on vacation, except for I was kinda behind on it before last week, so it’s a lot of laundry. I was totally out of underwear. Even the ones you buy and never wear, but then can’t throw away, because we’ll they were $40 and how can you just throw them away? Now I know why I procrastinate.

So yes, our first load was a load of whites. I am good now for those of you who worry about me. I actually washed those on Saturday so I could go to Church on Sunday looking presentable. 🙂

So our home will be singing and so will we. Especially the puppy, who got hamburger for dinner Sunday night. Shh, don’t tell anybody. 😉


One thought on “A Shopping we will Go.

  1. I love it when my fridge, freezer and pantry actually have some food in it! It is hard when you start to run out and you have to be creative, lol! Some people like being creative like that, but I don’t!

    Today is my laundry day, so I’ll be doing it too! We never seem to have enough towels., lol!

    Thank you for linking up today!

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