I feel like ….

We kept a friends two year old yesterday so I was up at 5 and then we swam most of the day and I forgot that the pharmacist said new meds might make me sun sensitive. I have never had to wear sunscreen in my life having some ancestry that came from some country that was deeply south of the equator, my skin does not burn. I tan very easily but the new meds did make me burn yesterday, plus we swam and muscles are tired today, on top of the fact that I slept for 14 hours so now I am sore, inside and out. I just feel miserable today.

But so do the teenagers. So they are going to the movies today and I am going to take it easy and do some laundry and read a book or something quiet around here. Something inside. It’s supposed to be 95 today and sunny, so I think my skin will stay inside. LOL

It was so nice yesterday and we had a really good time having a two year old around, though we all agreed that we are glad she was just on loan and not full time. You forget how much work a two year old is. LOL

Teenagers are a lot easier in some ways, though more stressful in others. Does the one who doesn’t want to go, want to stay home because his feeling is hurt, or because he’s tired? Is the one who stays away from the group mad at someone else, or being ignore? Are they picking on each other, or is that the way teenagers talk to each other these days? It’s never easy being mom.

But at least I am pass the diaper, sippy cup, pacifier stage. So much stuff to keep up with for such a little person.

I did manage to get the dog a bath and hair cut yesterday. He managed to find a mud hole and he was mostly mud when he came in last night. So I threw him in the tub and bathed him and then cut his hair. He is pretty good natured about it, but he was ready to be done by the time I got done. I am not a dog trimmer, but he’s all I got. He is at least white again and can walk. He had so much mud on his paws from digging that he was limping yesterday. I didn’t want to leave that on is paws because it would have made them infected and then we would have had bigger problems down the road. How is it that a dog can get so dirty so quickly?

Hope you are having a good day. I am going to rest and relax, because the kids will probably want to swim tomorrow again and I will need to be up to it. It’s great exercise according to the sore muscles in my legs and hips, so I definitely want to do it as much as I can before August.


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